Did You See Him – Person Today

Here is the last installment from a little Christmas program I have written. These poetic monologues are dispersed among songs and other symbols of the Christmas Season. I hope these little writings will help turn your attention to my Savior who is Christ the Lord.


Did You See Him – Person Today


Person Today


Did you see Him? I did

It was just yesterday

The pantry was empty

Buy groceries? No way!


But I heard the door bell

And right there on the mat

Was a basket of food

Now I might just get fat


I remember my friend

All racked up in pain

He was just barely conscious

In a hospital lain


The doctors all gave up

But we never would

And we gave it to Him

That was all that we could


But in just a while

He was out of his bed

And we all knew Jesus

Removed all our dread


I could tell you more stories

Of how I’ve seen Him

Of hope and forgiveness

I know I’ve seen Him


His face I can’t picture

I don’t mean it that way

But I really know

That I’ve seen Him today




In all that He’s made

In all that He does

I see His great glory

I know Him because


I’ve seen Him in my life

I’ve seen Him in you

Every day he makes known

His presence, it’s true


I’ve told you I’ve seen Him

In every which way

Now all I want to know is

Have you seen Him today?


See You SONday

© 2013 SF Gallagher

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