Did You See Him – Shepherd

This is the third spoken piece from a little Christmas program I have written. These poetic monologues are dispersed among songs and other symbols of the Christmas Season. I hope these little writings will help turn your attention to my Savior who is Christ the Lord.


Did You See Him – Shepherd




Did you see Him? I did

But first there was fright

The angels appeared

In the sky, in the night


But they told us “Fear not”

And announced Jesus’ birth

Then in unified chorus

They proclaimed His worth


They told us about

Just what there would be

And told us to go

The Savior to see


It was just so amazing

We could not keep quiet

So we told everyone

What we had seen that night


Back out in the fields

My mind far away

Makes me ask you a question

Do you see Him today?



See You SONday

© 2013 SF Gallagher

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