Did You See Him – The Innkeeper

This is the fourth piece from a little Christmas program I have written. These poetic monologues are dispersed among songs and other symbols of the Christmas Season. I hope these little writings will help turn your attention to my Savior who is Christ the Lord.


Did You See Him – The Innkeeper


The Innkeeper


Did you see Him? I did

But at first I felt bad

I’d have given them more

But that was all I had


I had no more room

So many were there

In our tiny town

It didn’t seem fair


I never expected

When I built that stall

God’s plan was to use it

When on us He’d call


I’d learned from my youth

That Messiah was near

But I never imagined

He would choose to come here


Behind my small inn

And in just one night

The whole world would change

My faith became sight


What I saw was amazing

God’s miraculous way

So let me just ask

Do you see Him today?



See You SONday

© 2013 SF Gallagher

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