Did You See Him – Town Person

This is the fifth and next to last piece from a little Christmas program I have written. These poetic monologues are dispersed among songs and other symbols of the Christmas Season. I hope these little writings will help turn your attention to my Savior who is Christ the Lord.


Did You See Him – Town Person


Town Person


Did you see Him? I did.

The town was a sight

There was something quite different

That Bethlehem night


To register their own

There were many come ‘round

With taxes and letters

No solitude found


Except in the bustle

One single event

Received all attention

Beyond any hint


That one spot was different

There out in that stall

Behind the old Inn

Not in a great hall


A new king was born

A baby was there

Few understood

All I did was stare


At the setting serene

At His parents so poor

She could not bear a king

Yet it was king she bore



Oh I saw him there

Swaddled up on the hay

But I wonder my friend

Do you see Him today?


See You SONday

© 2013 SF Gallagher

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