Going To Malawi

The following is a re-print from Flame Of Fire Ministry – Malawi. Since I wrote most of it and it refers to a mission which I will be participating in, I thought I should put it here. Please read it and consider helping this great work.


Flame of Fire Ministry will be taking a team to Malawi and Zambia in February 2014.  The excitement is growing as God opens the doors and the plan comes together.  FOFM will conduct three evangelism conferences, and the team will be traveling into remote villages to preach and to show the Jesus film to thousands, many who have never heard the “Good News” of Jesus.  You, the friends of this ministry, are very important to the success of this mission!
We need to purchase airline tickets the 1st week of November, which represents roughly half of the total cost we will encounter. We will also need to purchase Bibles and materials, van and boat transportation, travel insurance, lodging, also pay IMAG0625interpreters, food, transportation, materials, and meals for pastors and church leaders for 3 evangelism conferences in Malawi and Zambia, bottled water, fuel, Jesus film equipment, and other items. As you can see, this is a huge undertaking financially, but it is worth every dollar spent because they all translate into souls saved.
We are asking for your support for this ongoing work. We assume that you are already praying; please don’t stop. But will you also consider a monetary gift? And remember that this is an ongoing work which you may want to support on a regular basis. It would be a wonderful thing to never have to ask for you to help financially. We frankly do not like this part of the ministry. But we know that it is not just those who go that are blessed. Perhaps the greatest blessing on this side of the journey is for those who send. For those to whom we are sent, the blessing is Heaven.
SyntekExifImageTitle    Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know how you can help. All the gifts will add up, but we need to see several thousand dollars for this project by the end of this month. Checks can be sent or we can provide you with a PayPal account. You can PM here or Email to FOFM-Malawi(at)2BChurch.org – of course the (at) is @ and the capital letters do not matter. It is written that way to avoid that wretched spam monster – this is the internet you know.
www.evangelistcraighobbs.org is another source for information. We will get you specifics when you contact us. Your help really will matter. Please let us hear from you soon. And please pass this information to others who may be willing to participate.
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