One Of “Those” Sinners

Confronting sin does not necessarily have to include the naming that sin. I do not find it in scripture that we are to go about naming people’s sins and calling them out and shaming them into the grace which God offers. We don’t need to categorize sin. We do not need to catalogue sin. In fact, we don’t even have to chastise sin. Rather than telling people all about their particular sins as if we had none ourselves, let’s tell them about Jesus!

There are too many people condemning others. They smile at the chance to do so. If there is a chance to point their pharisaical accusing crooked little fingers at another person, they rejoice at the opportunity. They are always looking for sin. They are always looking for wrong. They always want to accuse. They want to reject. They want to glorify themselves. They really know nothing about grace. They don’t tell them about Jesus.

I am certainly no advocate of ignoring sin either. There are those who go to this extreme as well. The absence of sin is also the absence of the need for salvation and God’s word is clear that all have sinned. That is a settled issue. It is an issue that bears preaching and telling. But it is not an issue that requires an attack. Rather, it is an issue that requires a Savior. We are, with our message, to convince men of sin. But to attack their personal sins seems to be an abuse of that mandate, because we are to convince, we are not to convict. That is the task of the Holy Spirit. Without some discussion of sin, we can’t tell them about Jesus.

So, for us, we tell everyone about the grace of God that cleanses all sin. When we sinners respond to His grace, God will cleanse them all (1 John 1:9). My view … Just tell everyone about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for every sinner. We can point out the fact that men are sinners without tearing them to shreds over a particular sin. If they are to be broken, leave that to God. Our part of the message is about healing, forgiving, cleansing and salvation. After all we are proclaiming grace – aren’t we?  Let’s tell them about Jesus!

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