Please Remember – Part Four

Under violent threats and murderous activities, gangs terrorize whole communities with their violence. Murder for the ability to claim a piece of a citizen’s property as their turf is a regular occurrence. Extortion is a way of life for these human leeches. They mark their bodies and boldly wear their colors. Schools are not safe because of them. Streets are a literal war zone when they are around. An axe handle to the head or a bullet in the gut is their response to a passing glance at the spectacle they have made of themselves.


These termites infest their way into anything they can. They would rather steal my car or my other possessions than find a legitimate way to interact with society and earn their own. On top of this, most are collecting public welfare to support their drugs and violence further.


Gang members spray their monikers all over anything to which paint will stick and expect that the rest of the community will cower to their claim that this is their place. This in turn costs businesses and communities their hard earned funds to abate their fantasy riddled delusion that they have any real respect from anyone. Since nothing they do accomplishes real respect from anyone that matters, they resort to extortion and tribute gathering coupled with cowardly violence to gain the appearance that in their worthless activities there is anything that merits any consideration of value.


These prey on our children and recruit them right from under our collective noses. With promises of anything they can steal and acceptance of all sorts of deviant behaviors, they entice children under the age of ten to commit their murders and terrorist acts. Then, when they have a grip on the child, they promise fates worse than death if they try to get out or reveal any information to anyone outside the “Family” – the gang.


What a tragic thing it is to lose our children, property and possessions in such a useless manner. Gangs can not be allowed to reign with their violence and hatred. They must be stopped by any means necessary. There is no time to spare. Those lying to others to perpetuate their business and line their pockets should be exposed for the kind of indecent and horrible people they are. We who are ministers and professors of the grace of Jesus Christ which alone can make a heart clean must do all in our power to stand for God and be His spokesman in this generation of gang infested people. It is time for the church of the living and true God to stand tall and call from the mountains the truth that will bring this horrible situation to an end. We must call it what it is. We must profess a remedy for the horror. We must tell the truth so loudly and plainly that the lies will have no chance of being heard. We must fight the battle.


See You SONday


…To Be Continued

© SF Gallagher 2008

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