Please Remember – Part One

This world is a wonderful place. At least that is the way we dreamers see it. We tend to see things as they should be or could be. We also tend to want to fight everyone and everything that would seem to impair all that God intends or that we could conceive in our own version of the “Christian Utopia” to be. There can also be quite an argument made that those of whom God has required their professional lives in His service are more quick to action on these matters.


It is true that there are too many perversions of God’s perfect direction for the lives of His creation. There, too, are many who simply throw away His rules and live by their own desires and dreams. Pastors, and other professional ministers, who live daily in the reality that we are held to a higher standard of character and behavior, must need something to show our aggression against. So on to righteous indignation we go with the assurance that any who would disagree with our point of view must be a heathen infidel and have no place in the kingdom of God.


We do fight a lot of battles, many of them for righteous sounding causes. We fight against abortion with high sounding sermons and marches and rallies and petitions and all the rest. A lot of effort goes into wiping out this mass murder of babies.


It is truly a terrible thing that babies are murdered with so little thought to the moral aspect of the whole situation. Birth control is a poor reason to take a life. Personal convenience is a poor reason to take a life. The choice for gender, the harvesting of tissues for whatever purpose, the hiding of one’s infidelity or promiscuity and even the lack of integrity to care for a child with a disease or malformation are all poor excuses for taking the life of a baby. This writer would go even so far as to say that incest and rape still are no reason to take the life of a baby – the punishment should be on the perpetrator of that vile act. Murder is murder no matter what issues one tries to put on it.


Abortion should be stopped! Those lying to others to perpetuate their business and line their pockets should be exposed for the kind of indecent and horrible people they are. We who are ministers and professors of the grace of Jesus Christ which alone can make a heart clean must do all in our power to stand for God and be His spokesman in this generation of murderers who will murder our babies. It is time for the church of the living and true God to stand tall and call from the mountains the truth that will bring this horrible situation to an end. We must call it what it is. We must profess a remedy for the horror. We must tell the truth so loudly and plainly that the lies will have no chance of being heard. We must fight the battle.


See You SONday


…To Be Continued

© SF Gallagher 2008

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