Please Remember – Part Two

There are other battles too. Battles that need the same attention and concern necessary to stop abortion. Children are becoming sexually active and having babies outside of the promises of a husband and wife, with commitment to one another for life and to the idea that the child will be a high priority in their lives. These children are growing up with no real parenting and it all begins with the lies that there actually is such a thing as “Safe Sex” when all who teach this must know that there is no sex between a man and a woman that is sure not to produce a baby without surgical intervention.


Sexuality is too common on the big and the little screen. Our girls are being taught to dress and make themselves up like playthings. Our boys are learning that our girls are nothing more than sexual playthings and to use them all they can, then throw them away when they are done. All of this with no regard for the future well being of this now woman and her children. They see it in their magazines, on their televisions and movies screens and on their computer screens. It is too easy for them be exposed to sexuality, and this society is paying the price. There are women who also perpetrate this abhorrent behavior. They are no longer always the used party in this sordid scenario.


With sexuality being the mechanism that God has chosen to use in order to further His created humanity, care must be given to every aspect of its expression. This inappropriate flaunting has caused us to consider that it is not important to be careful about sex. This lack of care has led to the rest of the equation (the family and parenting, etc.) to carry the same lack of commitment and concern. Our entire family structure is falling apart, and it can be traced to children’s sexuality.


Sexuality must be taken under control. Those lying to others to perpetuate their business and line their pockets should be exposed for the kind of indecent and horrible people they are. We who are ministers and professors of the grace of Jesus Christ which alone can make a heart clean must do all in our power to stand for God and be His spokesman in this generation of sexually perverse people. It is time for the church of the living and true God to stand tall and call from the mountains the truth that will bring this horrible situation to an end. We must call it what it is. We must profess a remedy for the horror. We must tell the truth so loudly and plainly that the lies will have no chance of being heard. We must fight the battle.


See You SONday


…To Be Continued

© SF Gallagher 2008

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