Standing In The Middle

fc tabAt Falls Creek (that’s church camp here in Oklahoma) in the summer of 2012 we did an exercise with the students. I was with the Jr. High group in the Tabernacle. There were probably about 2,500 to 3,000 people in the place.

We all were to stand and just wait for someone to pray for us before we either prayed for someone else or simply took our seat. There were a few people assigned to start it moving. In the process, I was one of the last standing. It felt somewhat uncomfortable. I was an old guy in a room full of Jr. High kids. This was not FC tab servicereally for me anyhow. I wanted to just sit down, but I also wanted someone to pray for me.

Made me think of lost people living and working and sometimes even playing right in the middle of a bunch of Christians who never get around to telling them about Jesus.

 See You SONday!

(c) SF Gallagher 2013

The 7,000 seat tabernacle at Falls Creek (Top).

Inside with about 6,500 students and sponsors at Falls Creek  (Bottom).

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