Three Realities of Church (Pt.1)

June 4, 2015

Three Realities of Church (Pt. 1)


Over the next few installments to this blog, I intend to present three realities of church work that deserve a quick reminder. As you, the reader, remember these truths, I trust they will renew your readiness to serve through your local church.


“Role versus Rank”

One of the most important things to understand for every church worker is the concept of “Role versus Rank”.  The reality is that there is no “Rank” in the church except that which is due to God. No pastor, nor deacon, nor elder, nor long time or charter member, nor rich person, nor mean person, nor angry person, nor educated person, nor person with a long Christian lineage – this list is too long now so if you want more, make them up yourself- has any higher importance than any of the other people on or off this list. Even though there are “Roles” that necessitate an amount of leadership and authority, there is not a single person in the church with the place of the dictator. Responsibility absolutely exists, and a lot of it. The proper submission to that place of responsibility also absolutely exists. Many problems ensue very quickly though when either party overdoes his or her part of this equation.


In probably every church in the world, there are those who are extremely demanding. It is their thinking that every thought they have is divinely inspired and thus everyone must follow whatever they want. They think they are always right and anyone who does not agree with them must therefore be wrong and should get right with God – this being measured by their agreement with and submission to the thoughts and directions they support. The reality is that these people need to get a right understanding their place in God’s kingdom work.


There are others in most churches. These are those who have no opinion whatsoever. Perhaps they have been beaten down so many times that they feel that there is no value in the fight any longer. They may be quiet, jello backed people who think so little of their opinions that they refuse to assert any part of them.  It is also possible that these are simply so apathetic that they really don’t care, feeling that what and how the church goes about her task are plainly unimportant.


Both of these people need to gain an understanding of how God intends His church to operate.  It is God’s intentional plan that His church operate with order and with leadership. He gave us the roles of leadership, and the roles that follow His leaders. Knowing which role God has given an individual, and working within that role, will remove many dissentions in the church.


© 2015 Dr. SF Gallagher

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