Three Realities of Church (Pt 2)

June 9, 2015

Three Realities of Church (Pt. 2)

In this installments to this blog, I intend to present the second of three realities of church work that deserve a quick reminder. As you, the reader, remember these truths, I trust they will renew your readiness to serve in your local church.

“Chore versus Career”

There is also the thought of “Chore versus Career”. It should be understood that change is a part of the reality of all that God has placed on this earth. The fact that you felt a real and secure direction from God to teach that class or lead that committee or whatever your chore might have been in a time now past, this may not be a life long calling. This is even true for the person who is absolutely chosen by God for lifelong career ministry. Every church chore, whether high profile or behind the scenes, should be viewed simply as a chore. It is a necessary, vital, has to be done, no room for error chore. It is a chore that must be done; a chore to be done to the Glory of God; a chore that calls out, “You are the one who must do this thing.” But also remember that God could have chosen someone else to do that chore, and may choose to replace you any day He chooses.


The chore is not “Yours” to own. The chore is “Yours” to do. But only yours until it is time for someone else to have the same chore in the same room with the same seat covers and the same dishes. There is only one eternal thing to which God calls us. This is salvation, and this places every bondservant of God in the same place.


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